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Although Kayaking is a relatively inexpensive sport. A Kayaker should not “go cheap” or “skimp” on the auxiliary equipment, paddles and Kayak. There is a price range for every person’s budget. However, getting inexpensive equipment when a person’s life is at stake is a costly mistake.

Based upon my many years of experience, I wholeheartedly urge prospective Kayakers to research and purchase the best equipment they can afford. Remember, your equipment could be the difference between life and death.

I urge you to purchase your equipment from a reputable company like Riverside Kayak Connection.

WE Kayak 4th week

  • Kayak should be 12 ft. or longer
  • PFD “MUST BE” type 3
  • Paddles should be Carbonite and Ergonomic
  • GPS Locator Emergency Beacon
  • Anchor/Tow Rope
  • Bailing Pump